Take Action

Regular people like you have played a key role in supporting every major global health cause in the past 50 years. Your help is critical in the effort to eliminate the seven most common NTDs by 2020. You can also play an important part in our ongoing work to convince political leaders around the world to prioritize NTD control and elimination programs as part of their public health programs. It’s easy to help!

Make a Donation

NTDs are neglected because most people haven't heard of them. You can help change that!

For only 50 cents, you can protect a person for an entire year from seven NTDs. For $5 you protect 10 people. For $10 you protect 20… you get the idea. Make a donation today! After you’ve made a donation, let people know how many lives you just helped via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. You can copy and paste the update Global Network provides after you make a donation, or write your own!


Never know what to get that special someone? Send an END7 e-card and tell someone you’ve made a donation in their name, giving the gift of health to people living in Asia, Africa, Latin America, and the Caribbean. When making a donation, be sure to check the box letting  us know the donation is a gift. We’ll re-direct you to our e-gift  page where you’re able to send out an END7 e-card, letting someone know immediately you’ve made the donation in their honor. 

Year End Giving

As the holiday season draws near and your thinking of gifts to give your friends and family, don’t forget about your global family!  Saving some extra funds from your holiday budget for END7 not only enables you to make a charitable deduction from your 2013 taxes, but 100% of funds received before December 31st  to go directly to programs treating and protecting individuals living with neglected tropical diseases, giving them the gift of health this holiday season and into the new year. 

Social Media for Good

NTDs have stayed neglected because most people have never heard of them. Help spread the word through Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube and Flickr (get ideas from our social media content bank). Follow Global Network on Facebook and Twitter, and we’ll keep you updated about the fight against NTDs. You can also post on your blog, letting people know why you’re helping fight NTDs and asking your readers to make a donation.

Start Your Own Campaign

END7 is the Global Network's grassroots fundraising and awareness campaign. Just 50¢ treats a person for an entire year for the seven most common NTDs. The proceeds are donated to the Global Network's NTD control efforts to help get donated drugs to the people who need them most and training communities to manage NTD programs themselves.  For more information on how to organize your own micro campaign in your school, workplace, church or community, click here. You can even fundraise for your birthday, your wedding or a special event!